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AZ East Valley Juniors athletes who went on to play in college

We are very proud of our EVJ alumni and hope that future EVJ players can use this list as a valuable resource in their college selection process. If we are missing any information and/or you would like to provide a current email address for current EVJ players to contact you about your experience, please email the information to Jen Leo at JENLEO@COX.NET.

Name HS Grad Year High School College
Rachael Aldous 2001 Marcos de Niza Memphis State
MaiCee Allen 2012 Mesa Iowa Lakes Community College
Cheryl Anglin 2000 Valley Christian Arizona State University
Stacey Anglin 1994 Valley Christian Texas Wesleyan University
Phoenix College
Myra Anglin Peters 1997 Valley Christian Point Loma Nazarene University
Negin Azarbehi 2000 Mountain Pointe Scottsdale Community College
Auburn University
Talise Babbitt 2014 Perry New Mexico Highlands University
Savannah Banyai 2013 Hamilton Air Force
Josalyn Benson 2014 Desert Vista Roger Williams University
Stacey Benton 2013 Arcadia Dartmouth
Brianna Blair 1998 Marcos de Niza San Jose State University
Kristal Blair 1995 Marcos de Niza Northern Arizona University
Arizona State University
Liz Blaser 2011 Seton Catholic Preparatory Northwest Christian University
Courtney Blocher 2000 Valley Christian Arizona State University
Carrie Bobb 1995 Valley Christian Southern Nazarene University
Grand Canyon University
Taylor Breinholt 2012 Queen Creek Eastern Arizona College
Kim Breitbach 1995 Chaparral Texas Tech University
Deonne Brown 1995 Corona del Sol Morgan State University
Lamar Bryant 1994 Corona del Sol University of Memphis
Morgan State University
Amy Buchanan 1992 Corona del Sol University of Tennessee
Metro State
Amanda Burton 2014 Gilbert Eastern Arizona College
Erika Butkus 1996 Red Mountain University of Connecticut
Megan Byrnes 2012 Basha Grand Canyon University
Megan Cannell 2001 Dobson Mesa State College
Paige Cannell 1998 Dobson Adams State College
Kristen Carter 2001 Desert Vista Embry Riddle University
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Navonna Chambers 1998 Corona del Sol University of Nevada-Reno
Dawn Christjaener 2001 Marcos de Niza Rutgers University
University of Texas at El Paso
Amber Ciskowski 1998 Mountain Pointe East Tennessee State University
Stacy Clark 1991 Marcos de Niza Scottsdale Community College
Teri Connolly 2003 Casa Grande University of Hartford
Kara Cordoza 1998 Westwood Scottsdale Community College
Chevon Crum 2004 Horizon Pepperdine University
Mariko Crum 2003 Horizon Long Beach State
Danielle Davis 1999 Grand Canyon University
Shannyn De Arman 1999 Chandler Glendale Community College
Kami DeWitt 2004 Westwood Scottsdale Community College
Jenna Doane 2003 Mountain View Wake Forest
Jessica Doehrman 2001 Desert Vista Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Lindy Dyer 2013 Valley Christian Colorado Christian University
Amanda Eno 2014 Corona del Sol Yavapai College
Emily Ericksen 2001 Marcos de Niza James Madison University
Sharon Erickson 2000 Desert Vista Cornell University
Kasey Estes 2007 Marcos de Niza New York University
Amanda Ewing 2001 Desert Vista Grand Canyon University
Andrea Farnsworth 2014 Mesa HS Chandler Gilbert Community College
Heather Fife 1995 Xavier Prep Texas Tech University
Southern Methodist University
Amy Fruend 1995 Dobson University of New Mexico
Aubrielle Funk 2009 Marcos de Niza Azusa Pacific University
Jami Garvin 2007 Queen Creek Eastern Arizona College
Jeni Garvin 2012 Queen Creek Eastern Arizona College
Karrie Goodman 1994 Mountain View Eastern Arizona
Natalie Harris 2000 Valley Christian Arizona State University
Lacey Harter 1998 Mountain Pointe San Francisco State University
Misty Hawkinson 1997 Valley Christian Mesa Community College
Erica Heeringa 1993 Valley Christian Cameron University
Phoenix College
Kristin Hendricks 2003 Corona del Sol New Mexico State
Loren Hernandez 2010 Mountain Pointe Warner Pacific College
Melissa Hess 2011 Horizon Mesa State College
Samantha Hodgkins 2008 Mountain Pointe Northern Arizona University
Lauren Howard 2008 Desert Vista San Diego Christian College
Heather Hughes 1997 Xavier Prep Texas Tech University
Lauren Jacobsen 2013 Hamilton San Jose State University
Casey Johnson 2012 Highland Yavapai College
Stacey Jones 2011 Valley Christian The Master's College
Nikki Kaminskas 2004 Flagstaff Georgia Tech
Stacy Kartchner 2002 Gilbert Utah State University
Emily Kaup 2009 Corona del Sol Bryant University
Stephanie Kaup 2011 Corona del Sol Hamline University
Tracey Kelley 1995 Westwood High School Scottsdale Community College
Kristi King 2000 Desert Vista West Virginia University
Carrie Kipp Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Megan Kisor 2004 Chaparral Yavapai College
Stephanie Knight 1997 Gilbert University of Tennessee
Jill Konderik 2004 Horizon Point Loma Nazarene University
KaBrina Kringen 2012 Red Mountain Concordia College
Hannah Laflin 2012 Horizon Honors Central College
Kelli Lane 2002 Desert Vista Concordia University-Irvine
Candi Larsen 1998 Mountain View Scottsdale Community College
Mindy Larsen-Moser Mountain View Arizona State University
Meagan Lassen 1998 Marcos de Niza University of Rhode Island
Leah Lathrop 2005 Desert Vista San Diego State University
Renee Lathrop 2002 Desert Vista Northern Arizona University
Melissa Layton 1998 Marcos de Niza Brigham Young University
Julia Leddy 1999 Mountain View Arizona State University
Davia Lee 2011 Sandra Day O'Connor Southern Utah University
Audra Littou 1993 Marcos de Niza Glendale Community College
Metro State University
Susan Maga 1993 Chaparral University of Massachusetts
Rochelle Magill 1999 Florence Barry University
Sandy Martin 1995 Westwood Scottsdale Community College
University of Arkansas
Stephanie Martin 1999 Westwood College of Southern Idaho
University of Oregon
2000 AVCA JC/CC National Player of the Year
Tianna Matthews 2014 Hamilton New Mexico Highlands University
Mara Mautino 1996 Marcos de Niza Lee University
Kelly McLeod 2000 Desert Vista Scottsdale Community College
Grand Canyon University
Jesse Mechem 2000 Mountain View University of Santa Clara
Kim Mehlhorn 2000 Valley Christian Arizona State University
Melissa Mehlhorn 2002 Valley Christian Pepperdine University
Casey Merrell 2007 Gilbert University of Louisiana Lafayette
Renata Miles 2004 Chaparral Barton Community College
Isabel Miller 2013 Arcadia Boise State
Jordyn Moody 2011 Hamilton Mesa State College
Karrin Moore 2001 Mountain Pointe Northeastern University
Shannon Morgan 1994 Independence Mesa State College
Phoenix College
Sonia Moric 1995 Mountain Pointe Texas Tech University
Kelly Morrel 1997 Xavier Prep Regis University
Holly Morris Corona del Sol Scottsdale Community College
Michelle Mortensen 1997 Chandler Arizona State University
KC Neal Pace University
Amy Niemann Corona del Sol Scottsdale Community College
Nicole Nordin 1998 Mountain Pointe Pace University
Michelle Norman 2001 Marcos de Niza University of Texas at El Paso
University of Hawaii
Trianna Oglivie 1999 Valley Christian Agnes Scott University
Katie O'Hara 2006 Hamilton Colorado State University
University of Hartford
Stephanie Ortman 1995 Phoenix Christian Northwest Nazarene University
Megan O'Sullivan 2013 Xavier College Prep Fairfield University
Patti Pacheco 1994 Marcos de Niza St. Louis University
Krista Padegimas Dobson Scottsdale Community College
Concordia University-Irvine
Erika Papadeas 2011 Mountain Pointe Dallas Baptist University
Tiffany Pedersen 2001 Seton Catholic Fordham University
Annie Pinkerton 2012 Gilbert Christian Dordt College
Jenna Prescott 2008 Marcos de Niza Mesa Community College
University of Great Falls
Breanna Pursley 2002 Corona del Sol Texas Tech University
Jentry Redinger 2003 Coronado Barry University
Nina Reeves 2002 Gilbert University of Texas at El Paso
Arizona State University
Michelle Remus 1998 Dobson Marquette University
Terese Robb 1999 Corona del Sol Arizona State University
Ann Roberson 1995 Marcos de Niza University of Connecticut
1995 Rookie of the Year
Katie Roberson 1997 Marcos de Niza Cameron University
Marissa Rodriguez Coolidge Western New Mexico University
Alexa Saba 2013 Hamilton San Diego State University
Laura Santerre 1999 San Diego State University
Stacey Saunders Valley Christian Mesa Community College
Sandra Saylor Camelback American International College
Lexie Schroeder 2009 Corona del Sol Northern Arizona University
Stacey Schugg Valley Christian New Mexico State University
Southern Nazarene University
Kori Schweizer 1994 Marcos de Niza University of Washington
Bobbi Sczruba 2014 Perry University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Taylor Sellers 2009 Chandler Columbia College
Abby Simmons 2008 Desert Vista University of Utah
Anna-Lena Smith 1996 Gilbert Brigham Young University
Becky Smith 2000 Mountain View Hofstra University
Penina Snuka 2013 Kanuku/Gilbert University of Arizona
Jen Snyder 1994 Independence Arizona State University
Long Beach State
Jamie Soliz 2011 Gilbert Scottsdale Community College
Robyn Sonju 1998 Dobson Rick's College
Eastern Washington University
Shelby Sorce 2010 Hamilton Trevecca Nazarene University
Kristin Stephan 2010 Mountain Pointe Fort Lewis College
Jennifer Stewart Scottsdale Community College
Wendy Swanson 1993 Texas Tech University
Kelsey Thomsen 2006 Desert Vista Scottsdale Community College
Kim Turner 2000 Dobson University of Utah
Connie Umbay 2001 Desert Vista Cal State Hayward
Leah Valenzuela 2003 Desert Vista Glendale Community College
Brooke Vallenari Stanford University (academic)
Nikki VanReusen 1996 Xavier Prep Regis University
Shannon Wahlers 1994 Independence University of Virginia
Tatum Wales 1996 Gilbert University of Connecticut
West Texas A&M University
Lindsay Warner 2000 Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Erica Widmark 2000 JUCO
Oregon State University
Jennifer Wiechertjes Valley Christian Grand Canyon University
Anne Williams 1995 Gilbert Graceland University
Tracy Willinger 1993 Horizon Fresno State
Grand Canyon University
Christine Winkelman 2014 Homeschool/Mountain Pointe Southwest Baptist University
Shawna Yarbrough Valley Christian University of Iowa
Azusa Pacific University