AZ East Valley Juniors

Arizona's Premiere Volleyball Club Since 1990

AZ East Valley Juniors trains exclusively at
Court One, 9100 S. McKemy Street, Tempe, AZ 85284

Court One
2010-2011 Return to 2014-2015 season

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I join club volleyball?
A: Tryouts will be November 1-2-3, 2012 for 10-14's/4th-8th grade and November 15-16-17, 2012 for 15-18's/9th-12th grade. Please see the Tryouts page for more information.

Q: How long is the club volleyball season?
A: Practices for the club volleyball season begin in November/December after tryouts. Tournaments for the club volleyball season start in January and run through May or June (depending on the age group.) Travel teams may train through June and may compete up through the first week in July.

Q: When and where do you practice?
A: Practices are held at Court One in Tempe. They are 2-3 times per week and generally 1.5-3 hours in length depending on the age group and team level. All practices will be held Monday-Friday between the hours of 3:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Q: How many athletes are on a team?
A: Travel teams will have 10-12 and will not exceed 12 players; Non-travel teams will carry 12 players (on occassion we have placed 13, but not to exceed 13).

Q: When and where are tournaments?
A: Tournaments are held on Saturdays in an AM or PM wave or all day long (depends on division team plays in.) All of the Arizona Region League tournaments we participate in are held in Arizona. Some may be as far north as Flagstaff and as far south as Tucson. Parents are responsible for transporting players to the AZ Region League tournaments.

Q: Do you travel to out of state tournaments?
A: Our traveling teams will travel out of state 1-4 times each season.

Q: Why can't we find out where tournaments are ahead of time?
A: We know "when" tournaments are from the Arizona Region but due to gym availability and cancellations we may not be notified until the week of play to know "where" the tournament site is.

Q: What do the fees cover?
A: The fees cover USAV membership for coaches and teams, insurance coverage, security checks on coaches, coach education and certification, practice and tournament uniforms (including spandex, practice shirts, uniform shirts, full set of warm-ups, and travel bag), equipment, clinician fees, administrative costs, gym fees, coaching fees and travel fees for specific teams. Commitment fees (applied to total fees) range from $395-$595 and are due when the player signs a commitment during tryouts. Total fees for the year vary based on age and travel vs. non-travel teams. Fees must be paid in full during the regular club season for the 2012-2013 club season. Please call or email for specific costs.

Q: When are payments due?
A: On the first of every month. A "no pay, no play" policy is enforced after the 7th of the month. A $25 late fee will be assessed to your account for late payment.

Q: Where do I send my payment?
A: Payment must be paid by cash or check and mailed to:

East Valley Juniors VBC, Inc.
4802 E. Ray Rd. #23-536
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Q: Who do I call in regards to my coach or the team?
A: The player needs to speak with the coach(es) first to resolve any issues. If concerns still exist after the player has spoken to the coaches, then a meeting can be set up with the player, coaches and Jen Leo (Club Director) to talk about the concern. All parent concerns should be directed to Jen Leo at 480-821-6615 or JENLEO@COX.NET.

Q: What is the difference between Open team and Club team?
A: Open teams have 4-5 local tournaments in the season, allowing those teams time for more "out of state" tournament play. Club/Championship teams have 5-7 local tournaments in the season providing those teams with more "in state" tournament play.

Q: Which team do I play on?
A: The chart below can be used to determine which club team you would play on for the 2013-2014 season. Find the year and month you were born.

18's: Players born on or after 9/1/95
17's: Players born on or after 9/1/96
16's: Players born on or after 9/1/97
15's: Players born on or after 9/1/98
14's: Players born on or after 9/1/99
13's: Players born on or after 9/1/00
12's: Players born on or after 9/1/01

Year Month
Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
1995 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's
1996 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 18's 17's 17's 17's 17's
1997 17's 17's 17's 17's 17's 17's 17's 17's 16's 16's 16's 16's
1998 16's 16's 16's 16's 16's 16's 16's 16's 15's 15's 15's 15's
1999 15's 15's 15's 15's 15's 15's 15's 15's 14's 14's 14's 14's
2000 14's 14's 14's 14's 14's 14's 14's 14's 13's 13's 13's 13's
2001 13's 13's 13's 13's 13's 13's 13's 13's 12's 12's 12's 12's
2002 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's
2003 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's 12's